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Youth Advisory Board

Youth Advisory Board
Youth Advisory Board  |  Meet the Board

The Youth Advisory Board is a dedicated group of middle and high school students who are bank customers and/or program participants interested in being more involved with Young Americans.

Meet the 2009-2010 Youth Advisory Board.

How does the board work - what they do?  Our board members:

  • Are selected through an application and interview process.
  • Meet one Saturday a month from August to June - a one-year term.
  • Learn about business, banking and the nonprofit world.
  • Gain experience in leadership and business etiquette.
  • Provide a youth perspective to the adult board and management. 
  • Participate in special functions and events.
  • Become lifetime members of the alumni association after serving a one-year term.

How do I get on the board?  Every spring, applications for the upcoming board are posted online and are available at Young Americans Center.  From the applications received, 20-25 will be selected for interviews during July.  Then 12-15 teens of various ages, schools and backgrounds will be selected.

What kind of experience is required?  None!  We're most interested in teens who want to meet new people, come to monthly Saturday meetings, participate in discussions, learn new things, contribute ideas and have fun! 

Anything else?  The board's one-year term starts in August with a Welcome Reception.  That is also when the board photo that hangs in the atrium is taken. Then a full-day orientation takes place the following Saturday. This is an important day when everyone gets to know each other and learns much about Young Americans Center and Bank.

If you are an interested teen, we would love to have you apply for the board!  Watch for applications in the spring.  Or if you have any questions, please contact Debbie Pierce, Vice President of Communications, at 303-320-3250.

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