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Young AmeriTowne Volunteer Position:

Minimum Requirement:  Volunteer sessions require a commitment of at least one day a month, 8:15-2:30 p.m.

Training: Training consists of about 3 full non-consecutive days 8:15-2:30 p.m. and will be conducted by a Young AmeriTowne staff member.  The training will occur in the Young AmeriTowne Bank where the volunteer will learn how to assist the students in their activities.

Volunteer Description:
Once fully trained, the volunteer will be working directly with the young employees of the Young AmeriTowne bank.

  • Volunteers will set up the bank prior to the students' arrival.
  • Train the students to perform their job functions once they are in the bank and the Towne is operational. 
  • Assist the students in maintaining the business function, depositing paychecks, entering checks and deposit slips into the computers and filing completed documents.
  • After the students leave, volunteers will assist Young AmeriTowne staff with concluding bank activity so that bank statements and balances can be sent back to the school. 

For more information please email Kiersten Rogers, krogers@yacenter.org or Brad Greenwood bgreenwood@yacenter.org or call 303-321-2265.


Every December Young Americans hosts the annual Young Entrepreneurs Marketplace, a festive event where young business owners sell their products or services to the public. The event takes place the first two Saturdays of every December.

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