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Rural AmeriTowne
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" I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. " 
- Chinese Proverb

Rural AmeriTowne, located in Wray, Colorado, is a unique hands-on lesson in free enterprise that introduces young people to the basic principles of our economic system by allowing them to run their own town in a rural setting.  The program was designed to provide young people with relevant life skills. 

At school, students engage in a variety of interactive lessons that focus on banking, civics, free enterprise, advertising, laws, philanthropy, job interviews and more.  Students prepare for their opportunity to run a life-size town by interviewing for jobs, conducting employee business meetings, and attending job-training sessions.

During a day-long field trip, the students move into the town of 10 businesses and transform from students of economics to citizens of Rural AmeriTowne.

"Finding a curriculum that presented the students with a real life look at our country's systems of free enterprise and government filled a need that our schools have been missing for a long time."

- Holyoke Elementary School Teacher

According to the Denver Post, 66% of students graduated with debt in 2004 compared with 46% of students in 1993.  In addition, the amount of debt each student was carrying grew from $9,200 in 1993 to $19,210 in 2004.

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