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Program Statistics

International Towne closing ceremony Summer camp activities

Since 1987, more than 400,000 young people have participated in our hands-on programs and real life experiences. Here are a few statistics about the bank and programs:

Young Americans Bank

  • 15,612 accounts currently opened for customers in 48 states and 12 foreign countries
  • 89% of accounts are savings and certificate of deposit accounts
  • Number of accounts since 1987: 62,956

Young AmeriTowne

  • Two Young AmeriTowne locations: Denver and Lakewood
  • Nearly 19,200 students participated in 2008, representing 255 public, private and home schools across Colorado
  • Most participants came with their 5th grade classes, 321 attended our summer camps
  • Number of participants since 1990: 227,828

Rural AmeriTowne

  • About 600 students participate each year in this rural version of Young AmeriTowne
  • Students came from across the eastern plains of Colorado, and across the borders of Kansas and Nebraska
  • Number of participants since 1998: 8,789

International Towne

  • Nearly 7,336 students participated in 2008, representing 97 public, private and home schools across Colorado
  • Most participants came with their 6th or 7th grade classes, 227 attended our summer camps
  • When this program is at capacity it will reach 12,500 students annually
  • Number of participants since 1997: 43,464 students

Young Entrepreneurs

  • 418 youth participated in entrepreneur programs and real-life opportunities in 2008
  • Numbers reached since 1994: 3,115

Money Matters Classes, Tours, Outreach Programs

  • More than 2,995 youngsters participated in a variety of programs in 2008
  • Numbers reached since 1987: 45,729

The average 21-year-old in the U.S. will spend more than 2.2 million in their lifetime.

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