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Young Americans Bank offers all the same 'stuff' as adult banks, only we focus on helping you learn so you can handle money and banking products like a pro. Here's what we offer:

bank products

Savings Accounts - a great way to save your money because they are safe and your money will grow as it earns interest. Whether you're 1 or 21, it only takes a $10 deposit to get started saving today! Learn more

No, not the music kind. We mean Certificates of Deposit. CDs are another great way to save money. They are good for saving for long-term goals such as college or a car. Learn more

Checking Accounts
 - let you pay for things without using cash. They are safer (because you don't have to carry a bunch of cash around) and they can help you budget your money. Learn more

ATM cards
 - ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine. ATM cards let you take money out of your savings or checking account without actually coming in to Young Americans Bank. Learn more

Debit cards
 - let you pay for something with the money in your checking account, without writing a check. Learn more

Internet banking
 - Use YAB eBank to get to your account over the Internet and see how much money you've saved, transfer money, or look at a list of deposits you've made. Learn more

Credit cards
 - let you buy something now and pay for it later. Credit cards can be difficult to understand and can be very expensive if used incorrectly. Young Americans Bank will help you understand how to use credit cards responsibly and correctly so they become helpful, not harmful, tools for you. Learn more

 - You can borrow money from Young Americans Bank with a loan. Some of our loan customers are young entrepreneurs who have borrowed money to start a business. Others borrow money to buy things like bikes, cars and stereos. When you borrow money with a loan, you usually pay it back a little each month until it is 'paid off.' You have to pay an extra amount - interest - with each payment. Learn more

Other Services

  • Photo Identification Cards - $2, expire every other year
  • American Express Travelers Cheques - cost 1% of face value of the purchase
  • Cashiers Checks - $3 each
  • Series EE U.S. Savings Bonds - available for half of face value
  • I Bonds - available for full face value

Member, FDIC

Research has shown that as little as 10 hours of personal financial education positively affects students spending and savings habits.

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