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Why do many small businesses fail?  The answer is: lack of money. Many entrepreneurs with great ideas have been unsuccessful because they did not have the financial resources to start or run their businesses.

So, before you can start your own business, you have to determine if your business is viable.

Helpful Tip
Before starting your business research the start-up costs for your business.  Remember, start-up costs are one-time-only expenses that must be paid to start the business. Knowing what you start-up costs are will help you price your product as well as let you know if you can afford your business idea. 

All four of our featured entrepreneurs had start-up costs for their businesses and if you start a business so will you! If you are ready to start figuring out your start-up costs, click here. 

To help you learn about what start-up costs can include click on the pictures of Chante and Chanel, Joey, Alex and Will to find out what it took for them to start their business. 

     Alex             Will          Chante & Chanel        Joey

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