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Get aHead for Business

Get aHead for Business is a new entrepreneurial business program for high school students that combines interactive classroom learning with real-life experience.  It teaches students entrepreneurial thinking as well as how to start, manage and grow a business, and allows students to start and run a real business inside their school. The program includes three core classes and one optional class.


Starting a Business 101 - This first semester walks students through the steps involved in starting a business, including creative thinking and risk taking.  As students complete each chapter, they complete segments of a business plan that coincide with the chapter focus.  


Running a Business 201 - The second semester focuses on operating a student-run business in the school, which includes training on business operations, promotion and marketing, pricing strategies, inventory controls, customer service and managing the business throughout the semester.

Growing a Business 301 - Semester three focuses on opportunities for growth and invites students to analyze marketing trends, sales and profitability.


Owning a Business 401 - This is an independent project that provides tools and resources for students who want to pursue their own business ideas, and results in the creation of a business plan.


If you are interested in learning more about Get aHead for Business or how your high school can get involved, contact C.J. Juleff, Vice President of Programs, at 303-321-2265.


Get aHead for Business
is made possible by a generous grant from


Half of U.S. adults received a failing grade for their knowledge of basic economic concepts.

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