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Customer Statistics

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As of December 2008:

Number of Total Accounts: 15,612
Number of Depositors Reached Since Inception: 62,956
Customers in all 48 states and 12 foreign countries

Number of accounts:                                  12,144
Average balance:                                       $664
Average age:                                             11
Most common reason for saving:
  College, Vacations, iPod, X-Box

Certificates of Deposit
Number of accounts:                                   1,879
Average balance:                                        $1,465
Average age:                                              12
Most common reason for saving:
  College, Car

Number of accounts:                                   1,589
Average balance:                                        $391
Average age:                                              16
Average check written:                                $35
Most common reason for having a 
  checking account:  Experience
Accounts used most often for:
  Entertainment, Shopping, School Fees

Number of Loans:                                        14
Average Balance:                                        $3,128
Average age:                                              15
Most common reason for borrowing: 
 Car, Auto Repairs, College Textbooks

Credit Cards
Number of Credit Cards:                               215
Average Balance:                                        $99
Most common reason for having a 
  credit card:  Experience

Member, FDIC

More than half of all high school students say they would like to own their own business someday.

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